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RSV Vaccine for Pregnant Women

Posted on 8/2/2021

RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) is a virus that can cause respiratory illness in people of all ages.  Babies less than 6 months old are the most likely to get serious RSV illness, like difficulty breathing or pneumonia, that leads to hospitalization.  Currently, there is no specific treatment for RSV disease or any vaccine to protect against RSV infection.  Vaccines stimulate the immune system to help make antibodies that help to fight against diseases; this is called an immune response.  During pregnancy, the antibodies produced after vaccination by the mother should crossover to their baby through the placenta, and help the baby also fight against diseases.

Study-eligible pregnant women will be enrolled into the study and will receive a single dose of the investigational vaccine or placebo (no active ingredients) to find out how effective it is at preventing the RSV disease when compared to the placebo.

Pregnant women will participate in the study from enrollment during their pregnancy, and for about 6 months after delivery of their infants.  Infant participants will participate in the study from the time of birth and for at least 12 months after birth.

You may be considered for this study if:
  • You are a healthy woman who is 49 years of age or younger
  • Expecting a single birth and no complications
  • Who are between 24 and 36 weeks of gestation at the time of enrollment
Other criteria for you and your baby will be discussed.

There will be no charge for participating in the study.  The study vaccine, study materials and study specific visits will be provided at no charge to you or your insurance company. 

If you qualify and decide to participate you will be compensated for your time and travel while participating in the study.  

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What Our Research Patients are Saying
Being able to participate in the COPD research study has been a life changing event for me.  This is an ongoing positive experience that has already made major differences in my health and the quality of my life. 
At the initial interview I was met by a team of friendly, caring, extremely knowledgeable and professional staff.  The high level of care and concern extended to me by the research doctor and everyone involved in this research study is phenomenal.  The research coordinator who I’ve been assigned to is simply “The Best”.  She answers and explains every question I have, she listens when I am having problems with my COPD, and offers helpful suggestions to get me through the rough spots.  She cheers me on when I need it most and follows up with phone calls to make certain I’m ok afterwards.
I’m amazed with the positive changes in my health from the first month of my participation. To cough is a rare occurrence where previously it was chronic…all day, every day.   Just walking short distances would render me breathless.  I now can walk longer, do more physically, and breathe much better.  I’m also not so tired all the time.  What a welcome change!
I’m happier, less fearful, and more confident in coping with COPD as a result of this research program.  If my participation can contribute to helping others cope with COPD that would be the absolutely ultimate outcome for me.  Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.     
~ S.T.

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