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Various HIV Trials

Posted on 1/15/2020
The Research department is currently enrolling for 4 different clinical trials for patients with HIV:

Study #1:  This study is for patients who have HIV and have taken multiple medications for HIV and now have resistance to many of the HIV drugs.

Study #2:  This study is for patients with HIV who are currently taking Bictarvy and are willing to switch to a once daily investigational drug.

Study #4:  This study is for patients with HIV who are currently on a stable regimen for their HIV, but are experiencing rapid weight gain.  This study would switch them to a different regimen to help with the weight gain.

There will be no charge for participating in these studies.  All study medication, study procedures, materials and study specific visits will be provided at no charge to you or your insurance company.  

If you qualify and decide to participate you will be compensated for your time and travel while participating in the study. If you are interested in pariticipating in one of the above studies, call the number below and one of the study coordinators will discuss this with you.

Call our office for more information - (903) 238-8854
What Our Research Patients are Saying
"I was on edge when I first went to DCOL Research because of the sensitive nature of my diagnosis. Upon arrival to the research office I was treated very kindly and professionally as soon as I signed in. The Research Coordinator was friendly and compassionate and made me feel at ease. I was informed about the trial and they ensured that I had a clear understanding of the information. During all my visits I felt at ease and informed. The Research Coordinator is very professional as is the Lab Coordinator. It is always a smooth process and the staff is confident and friendly. The study doctor is also helpful and always asks if I have any problems or concerns, just like the staff."

~ Anonymous

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