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Mollescum Contagiosum

Posted on 6/7/2019
Mollescum Contagiosum is a relatively common viral skin infection that results in round, firm, painless bumps.  It is spread easily by close contact with others and to other areas of your nearby skin by scratching or rubbing the lesions.  

The purpose of this study is to compare how effective and safe the study gel is when compared to a gel not containing study ingredients.  You (or your child) will not know which gel you are assigned.  The gel will be applied once daily for 12 weeks.  

You (or your child) may qualify if:
  • the age of the participant is 6 months or older
  • in good general health
  • have between 3 and 70 treatable lesions
The duration of the study is approximately 6-7 months and you will make monthly visits to the clinic.  All study visits and medications are at no charge to you or your insurance company.  If you (or your child) complete all visits and procedures, you will be compensated for your time and travel up to $495. 

What Our Research Patients are Saying
"Last January I had to begin taking insulin for my diabetes. It was life changing for me. I had always been afraid of starting insulin. However, when I qualified for the diabetes clinical trial, it helped me accept this change in my life. The Research Coordinators are the very best you could ask for. They explained everything and let me know what to expect. I could never have controlled my diabetes if it hadn't been for this research program, the research staff and the study doctor. I would recommend participating in a research trial to anyone who has diabetes. It and the research staff are a godsend."
~ C.D

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