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Home Flu-Test Study

Posted on 1/1/2019
This study is being conducted to validate the performance of the Theraflu Home Flu Test in detecting Influenza A as compared to the standard approved method of testing for flu. 

If you or someone you know (children or adults) has flu type symptoms, you may qualify if:

  • You are at least 2 years of age
  • You have, or have had a fever of 100 degrees or higher within 24 hrs of coming to the clinic.  Or, if the parent reports a history of fever of at least 100 degrees or ''feeling feverish'' within 24 hrs of coming to the clinic
  • Runny nose or congested
  • Symptoms began 72 hours or less at the time of coming to the clinic

This is a one visit study that will last approximately 1-2 hours in the clinic.  There will be a total of 3 nasal swabs for the study.  Two swabs will be done by the subject (or parent) and one swab will be done by the research coordinator.  Results of the test will be called in to the subject within a few days.

Subjects will receive a $100 Mastercard gift card upon completion of the visit to compensate for their time and travel. 
What Our Research Patients are Saying
Everyone at DCOL Research is friendly and helpful. They all have a great sense of humor, which really helps you relax.  I have participated in several studies with them and the research coordinator I see is awesome. She makes you feel that your health is her top priority.  The research doctor is really good too and if you start having problems during the study he will take care of you. This research clinic is like a family, and once you participate in a study, you are just part of the family.     R. O.

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